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#38 - ARABIA

Size: 3" x 5"
Copyrighted: 1893
Lithographer: Kaufmann & Strauss

Arabia - horse racing, harem, camel riding

"COPYRIGHT" Text Variations
There are two varieties (that I know of) in the "COPYRIGHT" text which appears on this card, as shown below. In both cases, the text appears along the bottom edge near the center of the card.

Text reads: "PAINTING COPYRIGHTED 1893 ARBUCKLE BROS." and is 27mm long.

Text reads: "PAINTING COPYRIGHTED 1893 ARBUCKLE BROS." and is 30mm long. (This is the variety shown on the full-size card, above).
(For an overview of the copyright variations in Sports & Pastimes, click here.)

Reverse - Text
Right section:
THE Arabians are and always have been a nation of nomads. They pitch their tents wherever they list, and remove their camps whenever they will. Their land is in great part a desert, but throughout dotted with the most fruitful and lovely of oasis. As a race, the Arabians are quick, agile, alert and supple. Like the steeds for which the land is famous, they are built more for speed and grace, than for strength and endurance. Their tent life is much more comfortable and even luxurious than it is generally credited to be.
The Harem, although not exclusively an Arabian institution, is the natural home of the women of this nation. In certain respects the harem is of course the dreariest, most lonesome and unendurable spot on earth. But as far as creature wants are concerned, the harem life is, in a superlative degree, the acme of luxury.
The love which the Arabs bear for their horses is proverbial, and the relations between man and animal are often wonderfully close. These equines seem to be endowed with almost human intelligence, and wonderfully attached to their masters.
Next in affection come the camels, most faithful and patient of slaves. These beasts of burden serve better through the hot and arid waste of the desert, than even horses.
The Arabs indulge in but few games and none not known in other lands. Their pastimes consist chiefly in story-telling and feasting.
Banqueting is a fine art with the Arabians. Flowers, music and censors diffusing delicate fragrance add their charms to these feasts. Voices of singing men and women are heard, and ravishing slave-girls are made to dance.

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