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My name is Jeff Buck and I've been collecting Arbuckle trade cards for more then 40 years, although only on a sporadic basis for most of that time. It seemed that periodically my interest would be suddenly renewed for some reason and I'd get intensely involved in the collecting process for a while, but then other things would take priority and, inevitably, the cards ended up back in a drawer or closet for months or years at a time. In early 1999, though, I had some free time, and the interest to be active again (and the weather was lousy that spring), so.................this site was born!

My goal on these pages is to try to provide a visual reference for as many of the Arbuckle trade cards as I can get access to, either from my own collection (1000+ and counting) or from images submitted through the generosity of other collectors. I don't intend to try to assign values to the cards or to offer any for sale here. (Although I am currently offering many of my duplicate cards for sale through eCRATER.)

THIS IS A REFERENCE SITE ONLY! (Please don't send me e-mails asking what your cards are worth!)

My collection is fairly extensive, but is certainly not complete (whatever "complete" is), and some images will not be in the best of condition (since filling a space in my collection with an inexpensive, poor quality card has often been the only option available). Still, I am hopeful that you, the collector, will find this to be the most comprehensive Arbuckle card reference around.

ATTENTION: If you've got an Arbuckle card which doesn't appear on this site, and for which you've got a nice, full-size image in good condition that you're willing to share, you can e-mail it to me at That also goes for any info or insights that you'd like to share with your fellow Arbuckles' collectors, or corrections to any erroneous information that you think I've posted. I'll try to work it into the site, if I can.

The Arbuckle cards are fascinating, not just as pretty pictures but as windows on another time, another century. The illustrations and descriptions to be found here can serve as lessons in history, geography, zoology, cooking, ornithology, and even the attitudes and mores of the times. But beware! Misinformation and stereotypical ignorance abound as well, and are often the most interesting and humorous aspects of some of the cards.